Experts Offer Tips to Administrative Staff for Increasing Visibility, Recognition at Work

MENLO PARK, CA -- Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day, when managers traditionally honor the contributions of office support staff. In recognition of the date, the experts at OfficeTeam will offer pointers for keeping the rewards coming throughout the year in a special Administrative Professionals Day webcast and live chat Wednesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. EDT at

OfficeTeam is a leading staffing firm for administrative professionals. The event is part of its monthlong "Jumpstart Your Career" webcast/chat series. The fourth and final segment in the series is "Building Visibility, Gaining Recognition."

"The assistant's role in the workplace has undergone a major transformation," said Liz Hubler, executive director of OfficeTeam. "Yesterday's secretaries have become today's information coordinators, managing central office operations and providing support to an increasingly mobile work force."

While in a perfect world this enhanced role would bring with it added kudos, Hubler notes that getting credit for your work can also take extra effort on your part. She advises employees to make their bosses aware of their progress. "Building visibility is the key to gaining recognition, which in turn offers such rewards as greater job satisfaction, higher salaries and expanded responsibilities."

Hubler offered the following skills enhancement tips:

  • Write it down. Prepare regular activity reports to update your supervisor on your activities for the week. Don't list every detail; instead use bullet points to make the document easier to read.
  • Step up to the plate. Volunteer to take on new and challenging projects, even if they fall outside of your comfort level. Your manager will appreciate your confidence and initiative.
  • Give credit. Gaining visibility isn't just about getting credit - be sure you also give it where it's due. Acknowledge your co-workers for helping you with projects, and mention their good work to their managers. They may, in turn, do the same for you.
  • Avoid gossip. Contributing to the office rumor mill increases your visibility, but not in a positive way.
  • Share your knowledge. When you acquire a new skill, volunteer to teach others what you've learned. You'll demonstrate both strong leadership and interpersonal skills. 

OfficeTeam is a leading staffing firm for administrative professionals and offers online job search services at There are more than 300 OfficeTeam locations worldwide.

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