Career Expert Offers Tips for Meeting Professional Goals

MENLO PARK, CA -- It's February and New Year's plans for joining a gym, counting calories and finding more personal time may already be a memory. But what about career resolutions? According to career expert Liz Hughes, follow-through is essential. Hughes is executive director of OfficeTeam, a leading staffing firm specializing in highly skilled administrative professionals.

"Professional goals frequently take a backseat to daily workloads and other priorities, " Hughes said. "Yet pursuing these objectives can be a catalyst for making changes in other areas of one's life, such as reducing stress, increasing income, or balancing work and family demands."

Hughes offers the following six tips for staying focused on career goals: 

  • Keep them visible. Don't make a time capsule of professional resolutions. It does no good to tuck them away and revisit them on December 31 to see what you accomplished. Write them down and place them somewhere visible so you'll be reminded of them daily. 
  • Follow the buddy system. Enlist the help of friends or colleagues to keep on track. If your goal is to expand your contact list, invite an associate to attend a networking function with you.
  • Break it up. It's easy to become discouraged by resolutions that appear overly ambitious or too time-consuming. Instead, outline your objectives and plan what you will do on a quarterly, monthly and weekly basis to achieve them. 
  • Treat yourself. Accomplishing your career goals is a reward in itself, but be sure to pat yourself on the back along the way. If your objective is a promotion, for example, congratulate yourself on an outstanding performance review.
  • Be flexible. Temporary setbacks will happen. Be willing to adopt a new strategy if the one you're using isn't working.
  • Make it a work in progress. Keep your resolution list fluid by crossing off goals accomplished and adding new ones throughout the year.  

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