Survey Finds Juggling Personal and Job Demands is Top Concern for Workers

MENLO PARK, CA -- Despite an uncertain economy, finding time for family outweighs fear of layoffs for today's professionals, a recent survey shows. When asked to rate their number-one career concern, nearly one-third (32 percent) of workers polled said the ability to balance business and personal demands. Twenty-two percent cited job security, while another 18 percent identified earning a competitive salary as their top priority.

The survey was developed by OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in highly skilled administrative professionals. It was conducted by an independent research firm and includes responses from 567 men and women, all 18 years of age or older and employed full time in professional environments.

Survey respondents were asked, "What is your number-one concern about your career in 2002?" Their responses: 

Being able to balance work and family demands   32%
Job security   22%
Earning a competitive salary   18%
Keeping technical skills current   12%
Having a greater need for an advanced degree or certification   10%
Other   4%
Don't know/no answer         2%

"Recent world events have prompted many people to reassess their priorities and place greater importance on personal pursuits," said Liz Hughes, executive director of OfficeTeam. "As a result, flexible schedules may hold greater appeal than career advancement or increased compensation."

Hughes added that companies that help workers achieve greater work/life balance are frequently rewarded with higher productivity levels and reduced turnover. "Small steps such as additional time off and family-friendly benefits can go a long way toward addressing staff concerns and increasing loyalty to the firm."

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