Employees Could Take Workplace Cues From Back-to-School Checklists

MENLO PARK, CA -- It’s that time of year again: Students everywhere are trading in their swimsuits, sandals and carefree days for text books, backpacks and class schedules as they return to school.  While the transition may not be as dramatic for professionals, many will likely face a subtle shift from casual, laid-back summer workdays, with increased vacations and reduced demands, to the more conservative, fast-paced fall workplace. 

“The office environment tends to become more serious and focused after Labor Day,” said Diane Domeyer, executive director of OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in highly skilled administrative professionals.  “Similar to students heading back to school, employees must shift gears to match changing work styles and demands.  As companies strive to meet year-end goals, this is an opportune time for professionals to increase efficiency and organization in preparation for rising workloads.”

Domeyer offered a “back-to-work” checklist to help employees effectively transition from summer to fall work modes:

  • Arrange a parent-teacher conference.  Now is an ideal time to meet with your supervisor to discuss your work performance and determine specific goals for the year ahead.  Demonstrate initiative by requesting and preparing for the meeting.
  • Schedule your classes.  Is it time to update your skills?  If your company reimburses workers for external or online training courses or professional education seminars, consider enrolling in a relevant class.  Remember to share your new knowledge with others.
  • Unclutter your desk.  Start the season with a sparkling work station.  Take some time to organize files; throw away old, unnecessary papers; clean your desk; and dust your computer monitor and keyboard. 
  • Stock up on supplies.  Assess your office supply needs and request anything that will allow you to work more efficiently or effectively, including new calendars for the coming year. 
  • Update your attire.  Look at your wardrobe and assess whether it needs to be refreshed.  Are your work clothes looking outdated or worn?  It might be time to go “back-to-work” shopping. 
  • Enjoy recess.  All workers need time to recharge.  Grabbing coffee, reading or running a quick errand are a few ways to revitalize your spirit and maintain productivity during the workday.  Also, don’t let your activity level wane in the fall.  Join a gym, participate in after-work sports leagues, or take brisk walks or bike rides to stay fit and unwind after a long day at the office.

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